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Oi! So I know it’s been a month or so since my last post but life has been so busy I haven’t really had the time to login.  I actually took this pictures quite awhile ago, but I’m finally posting it.  As I was looking it over, it reminded me of Sucker Punch- which I […]

      I’ve been trying to get shadows & proper Windlight on my SL for what feels like forever, until it hit me yesterday that my graphic card is too old which sucks.  I need a new laptop and a new closet for my avie because all my clothes seem outdated. My daily pains […]

feeling verrry uncreative ❤ Hair- Poppyseed-Powder by !lamb —> Stumblebum Skin-Megan Light Freckles by [RockBerry] Dress-chifone dress- Purple-grey by  oyakin* Shoes-Vintage Rose Gray Flats by 50L Flats Listening to..Cross the River by La Rocca Headband- Tulip Headband by MIEL —>Old Group Gift

Just a quickie postt; not feeling well todayy. xx amber<3 Hair-Stargaze-Mango by !lamb Skin-Elle-Sugar, Sugar- Snowflake by (OMFG) Dress-Dress Roxe Striped by Emery Vest- My Admiral Vest by (Milk Motion) Shoes-Fringe Pumps-Silver White by ANEXX Sunglasses-Kurt Sunglasses-Black by [[SHADE THRONE]] Necklace-Heart of Glass-Sinful by *Ticky Tacky* Listening to…Wealthy 2nd Generation by Ajoo.

Heey! So as I’m sure most of you know Designers United started yesterday and if you haven’t been there yet you musst go! There are so many amazing pieces! Most of you are probably tired of seeing/hearing about the event but I couldn’t resist. I still have yet to finish shopping bcos I only stayed […]

Haai!! Sooo this outfit isn’t really ‘new’ bcos i still havent sorted through all the stuff in my inviee yet >.<. Buutt Designers United III started again today so yaay!! I’m am still catching up on SL bcoss I am oh soo lazzy but i will most def gett to it and posttt! Happy Shoppping<33 […]

Ohaii!! Eeps! So I knoww I haven’t blogged in FOREVERR but I’m back! I’ll tryyy to blog as often as I can but I’ve been sooo busy lately! Blehh so chyeaaah. This is my outfitt, I hopes you allz like it. Here are the details. <3<3<3 Amberrrrr. .::Details::. Hair-Stargaze-Mango by !lamb Skin-Colette Skin-Blackeyes2 by (Milk […]