Down to the Pueblo Huts of New Mexico



I’ve been sorting invie feverishly for the past week or so and I promised I wouldn’t buy anything new until it was all sorted.  Here’s an outfit that was pieced together…well I don’t really even know. It was random because I was listening to A-Punk by Vampire Weekend..and I was inspired by their preppy looks in the video and ‘the raincoats coming’. ;] I promise I make no sense. xo


Hair-I hate Camera-Nutmeg by Tiny Bird—>Closed.

Skin-Petal-Dark-Vixen-Capri 1 by Curio

Shirt-Find me in the Rain by Tyranny Designs

Shorts-Jean Shorts-Grunge by Tres Blah

Socks-Teal Woolen socks by CRASH

Shoes-Laceup Boots-Grey by ANEXX

Clouds-Crazy Clouds by Pink Fuel

Tune…A-Punk by Vampire Weekend.




An old picture of my main squeeze and me. Check her blog here…



2 Responses to “Down to the Pueblo Huts of New Mexico”

  1. OMFG LMAO That old picture of us :] ❤

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