I won’t be there when you laugh.


Haaii! So i know it’s been over a month since i’ve blogged -__- but i’ve been a bit busy in RL and SL wasn’t fun for mee. I will *try* and get back into bloggingg and hopefully do more than one post a month :p Anyway, there are a TON of hunts going on for Valentine’s Day. The Starlust one just began and it runs through the 22nd. You get a HUD at the motel and collect all the heart pieces. Once you have all the pieces, you go back to the motel and get a nc with a list of stores that have prizes! There are so many good stores and prizes in it so you should doo it! The outfits for this post show a lot of my fave pieces from the hunt! I hopee you like itt! <33 .Amber.


-1st Outfit-

Hair- Love Love Love- Dragees by .:[Tiny Bird]:.

Skin-Elle-Sugar, Sugar, Sugar- Gloom- Freckles by (OMFG)

Sweater-Comfy Cardi- Taupe by Twosome  *Starlust Hunt Item*

Necklace-Heart of Glass-Sinful by *Ticky Tacky* *Starlust Hunt Item*

Pants-Low Rise Denim- Faded Wash by [paper.doll]

Shoes- Women’s Red Moccasins by ::Duh!:: *Starlust Hunt Item*

-Outfit 2-

Hair- Licio-Sesame Black by {fascino}

Tattoo-Love Me True Tattoo by +>Adore&Abhor<+ *Starlust Hunt Item*

Shirt- Heart art Tshirt by Yummies *Starlust Hunt Item*

Underwear- St. Valentine Underpants by C’est Moi! *Starlust Hunt Item*

Socks- Lips & Hearts Stockings by Thimbles

-Outfit 3-

Hair-Pop’nGirl by ((JUNWAVE))

Candy-Lust-Heart by deToxx *Starlust Hunt Item*

Dress-1983 Calling-Red/Silver by *Thimbles* *Starlust Hunt Item*

Shoes- ::Audrei::- Be Mine by Ingenue *Starlust Hunt Item*


Skybox from *NUT* *Starlust Hunt Item*

Bear from Agent Orange *Starlust Hunt Item*

Loveseat from Shabby Flamingo *Starlust Hunt Item*

Photo Board from Molto Bene! *Starlust Hunt Item*

Stool from Atomic Owl *Starlust Hunt Item*

*Poses from a fine line *Starlust Hunt Item*

.::Music-Lions and Tigers by Asobi Seksu::.


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