Oi! So I know it’s been a month or so since my last post but life has been so busy I haven’t really had the time to login.  I actually took this pictures quite awhile ago, but I’m finally posting it.  As I was looking it over, it reminded me of Sucker Punch- which I didn’t really like but go girl power. 😛 I love this pink hair and I want all of my hairs in this texture. I don’t even know what I am saying. I will try harder to login! xo Amber

Hair-Mess-My Little Pony by !lamb

Skin-Sweet Augustine-Told Twice-Tone 3.2 by ::Tyranny Designs::

Tank Top-The Army Tramp- Urban Warzone by ::Tyranny Designs::

Shirt-Stole-Black by ~*RunoRuno*~

Pants- LET-Black Pants by xxYOMESHOUJOxx

Shoes-Laceup Boots- Grey by ANEXX


Tune…Spanish Sahara (Deadboy Remix) by the Foals



Bagaga. I know it’s been a long while but I have been super busy lately, and I still try and log regularly, although sorting invie takes up most of my time. I’ve finished my tops! Now onto dresses… Anyway Hogwarts: Your Story officially opens tomorrow and throughout the week, so I’m really excited and will probably be on for most of the week. Waheyy! Err…this look was put together from some floating stuff around my invie. A folder without a home </3 It’s been raining for two weeks here on the East Coast, so for those of you who live here, stay dry and have a swell weekend! xxxxx


Hair-Chiggy Hair-Coal by *Kookie* —> Old 50L Friday Item

Skin-Lien Skin-Honey by ATOMIC —> Old Group Gift

Dress-Print Dress in Green by MichaMi —> Old Dressing Room Item

Jacket-Military Jacket-Silver by fri.day

Socks-South for the Winter Socks-Raven by Tyranny Designs

Shoes-SoHo Boots-PatentMix Black by Maitreya

Jamming out to…Hard by Rihanna.

At the temporary Hogwarts:Your Story Forest Sim ❤



It’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged but I went on vacation last week before it was interrupted by Hurricane Irene. In honor of beach trips and a farewell to summer, I put together one last beach look. Wahh I am terrible at Photoshop. </3

-I’m always in your cage…set me free.-

Hair & Hat-Madelyn-Black by [kik] —> Old Group Gift

Skin-Abigail by .::Mother Goose’s::.

Bodysuit-Asymmetry Bodysuit by !Ohmai

Dress-Clces-Set-Red by *ENCEMBLE*

Shoes-Gypsy Wooden Sandal by Stitch by Stitch

Bag-Yummy Tote-Strawberry-Vanilla by *SF*

Tune…The Future by The Drums

</3 before things got so “crazy” >:PD




I think it’s safe to say I am officially over summer and I’m craving fall. I can’t wait for the weather, cute sweaters, and pumpkin apple muffins. Another outfit from invie sortingg. I’m not even closed to being finished. xo

Hair-The Pasadena Girl-Midnight by Armidi

Skin-Hena by .::Mother Goose’s::.

Sweater-Comfy Pullover-Sunny by [ATOMIC]–>Old Group Gift

Pants-Black Denim by GC*

Shoes-Natural Varsity Kicks by MIEL—> Old Fifty Linden Friday

Headband-Summer Headband-French Navy by Duboo

Tune…Yellow by Coldplay



An outfit put together by more invie sorting. A transition from summer to fall. This summer went by way to fast, but it was a blast nonetheless!<3 xo

Hair-Eloise-Cynical Black by fri.day

Skin-Nell by .::Mother Goose’s::.

Shirt-Sling Top-Hot Pink by PIDIDDLE —> Platinum Hun Item

Jacket by loveme. –> Old Group Gift

Skirt-Rose Highwaist Skirt-Orange Blue by {SMS} —> Old 50L Friday Item

Shoes-PowderPuffs- Spikey by *Kookie*

Hair Piece-My Own Personal Headpiece by LaGyo


Tune…Over by Drake.

Bored in SL & Piss Yellow Hufflepuff clothes<3



I’ve been sorting invie feverishly for the past week or so and I promised I wouldn’t buy anything new until it was all sorted.  Here’s an outfit that was pieced together…well I don’t really even know. It was random because I was listening to A-Punk by Vampire Weekend..and I was inspired by their preppy looks in the video and ‘the raincoats coming’. ;] I promise I make no sense. xo


Hair-I hate Camera-Nutmeg by Tiny Bird—>Closed.

Skin-Petal-Dark-Vixen-Capri 1 by Curio

Shirt-Find me in the Rain by Tyranny Designs

Shorts-Jean Shorts-Grunge by Tres Blah

Socks-Teal Woolen socks by CRASH

Shoes-Laceup Boots-Grey by ANEXX

Clouds-Crazy Clouds by Pink Fuel

Tune…A-Punk by Vampire Weekend.




An old picture of my main squeeze and me. Check her blog here…http://vindicatedmonstar.wordpress.com/



Tomorrow the Platinum Deux Hunt starts!  It runs until August 31st and each gift will be 10L each but worth over 400L!  There are plenty of great stores and Brutus Martinek of PIDIDDLE, was kind enough to send her killer gift of three Sling tops, in gold, pink, and white. I’m positive there will be plenty of other great gifts and I will be hunting my little butt off!! Happy hunting! xo

Hair-Dorothy’s Morning-Dust by (fd)

Skin-London Revolution Light- Makeup 07 by [LeLutka]

Shirt-Sling Top-Golden by PIDIDDLE —> Platinum Hunt Item

Skirt-Blue Body Shaping High Waist Skirt by Kawaii Jelly

Shoes-Yuki Sock by *Kookie*




I’ve been trying to get shadows & proper Windlight on my SL for what feels like forever, until it hit me yesterday that my graphic card is too old which sucks.  I need a new laptop and a new closet for my avie because all my clothes seem outdated. My daily pains & problems of SL. :p

Hair-Cinnamon-Ink by !lamb

Skin-Lien Skin-Honey by [ATOMIC]–> Old Group Gift

Tshirt-Cakesies 11 by toastface –> Old RFL Item

Tank Top-Mini Top Striped 08 by Emery

Pants-Fly Away with Me in Grey Haze by (Royal Blue)

Shoes-Pink Pumps by Vinyl Cafe

Glasses-Hearts Glasses by $Dustarrz$

I swear I’ve moved about 100 times in SL but here are some pics of my recent home which hopefully lasts awhile!  All items from +mudshake





Tune…Congratulations by MGMT




That’s how we do…do it hott.  Being bored on SL leads to this…

Hair-Pop’nGirl-Black by ((JUNWAVE))

Skin-Lien-Honey by [ATOMIC]

Swimsuit-Camille-Blue by .:Naive:.

Glasses-Rapist Glasses by !Tarnished

Tattoos-Lucky Basterd by [ATOMIC]

Tune…Old Yellow Bricks by Arctic Monkeys.





Back yet again to my blogging ways and SL in general. Hopefully I cannot keep this updated. A simple, lazily put together look. xo

Hair-Yvonne-Freckles by .::Mother Goose’s::

Makeup-Tribal Makeup-White by -Sorry.Asia-

Tattoo-‘Find the Truth’ Tattoo by Legit.

Hair-SideUPTail-Black by ((JUNWAVE))

Earring-Mealy memories Earring by [glow] studio

Swimsuit-Swimsuit in Red-Haiti Relief by mijn.t

Tank-Basic White Tank Top by (Elate!)

Shorts-Jean Shorts-Grunge by tres blah

Tune…Don’t be a Jerk, Johnny  by The Drums